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    • Can spend up to $50 per day.

  • Invoice Trusted Ads Accounts

    Accounts are provided directly by authorized agency, with high trust factor, speediest ads approval time and easiest review progress for hard ads like DROP, P.O.D, comestics...

  • Fast, Low and Transparent Fee

    247 same day top up with low and transparent fee. Support many kinds of payment method.

  • Total Ad Control

    Ads accounts will be shared to you, you can check anytime and will in total control of ads, cost, and customer data!

  • Support & Consultancy

    Our services include full technical supports from 10 years experienced expert on FB ads for helping you set up a running system and create ads following FB policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our account can be used for Black Hat and Grey Hat campaigns.

We provide all account types: Personal accounts with spending history, BM accounts and agency accounts.

When the account is locked, our staff will provide you with a new account completely free of charge.

The balance in the old account will be transferred to the new account. This applies to both profile accounts and page accounts.

Our account has spending limits of $1500, 250 and no limit daily.

We set up everything and ad accounts in VPS, RDP or Adspower.

You will be granted access to these software to control and use our account.

We use USDT ,BTC, Payoneer for payment.

You send us money after checking our account. Then our staff will activate the account for you to use.

When your deposit has almost been spent, our staff will notify you to deposit more so that your campaign will not be interrupted.

When you want to stop cooperation. Your support staff will stop the campaign and aggregate your spending, calculate the balance and confirm the balance with you.

If there are no problems, the request will be forwarded to the accounting department for completion. This process will take 1-2 days.

We charge a service fee. This fee is 5-12% for White hat campaigns and 10-12% for Black hat campaigns.

This fee may change if you spend well and stably.

$100 is the minimum spent on our account.

You can test campaigns with a smaller budget, but you need to make sure to scale them after testing.

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